Men and women ask me about the initial stage of a relationship, the initially seductive moment of the interaction.

That is when there is NO TOUCH. Indeed, we build up the passionate crescendo of SEXUAL ANTICIPATION when we DO NOT TOUCH. But instead we SAY IT WITH OUR EYES in the Dance of Seductive Flirtation.

Start with a penetratiny SEDUCTIVE GLANCE!

Online Dating Coach

Romance Coach


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The Powerfully Seductive Power of TOUCH

After you have posted your online personals ad.

After you have braved the navigation of exchanging a few emails.

Exchanged cell phone numbers (he provides his first, she responds to that with giving him her number, he phones first and actually ASKS her out on a Date0)

You have arranged to meet for drink and appetizers….


When you are IN PERSON, be sure to sit …. near each other.

I prefer and recommend a seating where you are at a curved booth or at right angles.  You then exchange fabulous romantic eye contact…

Start to EDGE closer to each other….

and then (gasp) touch.

You actually can simply ever so slightly…. brush up against each other.  This fosters the building up of intensity and mutually seductive pleasure of ANTICIPATION.
Then pull back slightly.

Touch his forearm.

Put your arm around her.

Edge back closer together.
Look flirtatiously in each other’s eyes.

Then, turn away ever so slightly, perhaps reaching for your drink.

Then turn back to LQQK at them and make powerful flirtatious eye contact as you sip your beer or cosmo.  FABULOUS and FORMIDABLE, n’est pas?

TOUCH is a POWERFULLY SEDUCTIVE technique to use when dating, romancing, and flirting.

As a leading Romance Coach and Online Dating Coach, yes, of course, I help my clients to engage their logical brains.  What do you want in a relationship?  What metro area do you see yourself living?  Now?  12 months from now?  3 years from now?  Are you an introvert or extrovert?  Do you find yourself romantically balancing better with introverts or extroverts?  Go with that.


Seductive Touch

Romance – yes, GIVE her flowers, bring a SINGLE rose for that Date0 and you will DISTINGUISH YOURSELF in her mind as a GENTLEMAN.  You will be UNIQUE.  Different.  Fabulous.


All the best,

April Braswell
Romance Coach, Online Dating Coach

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The Japanese Eye for Beauty in Packaging

I have a dear friend who is Japanese.  It is one of those relationships where I SO greatly enjoy her company and her and she just uttterly loves me, and I’m always bowled over by her love, affection, and adoration for me.  Because, you see, we met because I sold to her.  In addition to all of my Romance Coach and Dating Coach work, yup, I’m a Sales Woman.  Love it.

You know how in all those sales books they preach to develop a relationship? BE their business partner?  Well, you see, the thing is, I DID.  I devoted my Fourth of July weekend to being a tour guide to her and her colleague because I couldn’t IMAGINE landing in a foreign country on a holiday weekend, our very nation’s birthday and being left alone.  Indeed, we had great fun.

I observed Japanese formality only briefly with her to bow and greet her and honor her.  And then we are girly hugs and squeals at SFO.

And we have stayed in touch even though I no longer work for the company where she became my customer.

Sweetly enough, she mailed me this incredibly beautiful birthday card.  Yes, April Braswell.  It’s the MONTH of April… so, my birthday approaches!

This card has cut out paper on it.  A cloth fan with a gold bow.  PINK beaded flowers.  It’s amazing!  Inside she included photographs from the very special and romantic and OH so Japanese, sweet, delicate and tender Cherry Blossom festival.

Sometimes using words to describe tenderness and love is to crush a butterfly.

That’s what it’s like to describe how I feel about her.

Friendship is such an unbelievable treasure.  Her friendship is like watching a butterfly on a flower or to see the petals of the cherry blossoms fill the air like delicate pink snow.  It is best just to see it and experience it rather than try to articulate it.

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What Women Need to Hear

Women more than men need and want to hear those magic words, “I LOVE YOU.”

For us, it’s like oxygen.

When we are in a loving relationship, I don’t know how the scientific research would describe it, but women like to HEAR this and daily, well, at least once if not several times.

Yeah, we KNOW you love us. Once you’ve said it and there’s a committed relationship, we BELIEVE you. And for men, often their ACTIONS are displaying their love, and trust me, we need that to.

But for those lovely men who approach me with my Online Personals, Online Dating, and Romantic Relationship coaching expertise and ask about, “How can I make her happy?” I tell them, “She needs to HEAR it from you as well.”

Tell her you love her (when you DO, of course!).

Have you told her you love her today?

Mazel tov!

April Braswell

Online Personals Expert, Online Dating Coach, Sexual and Romantic Relationship Coach

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More ruminations on what attracts women

As an expert dating coach, I often hear from my clients, what type of man should I look for? What is my type, etc?

We, indeed, truly ARE in many ways attracted to men who remind us of our fathers or are essentially a reaction to our fathers. With my father’s death, indeed, here I am sucking down the Starbucks and am contemplating what my relationship with him, the voids and the lacks it triggered…..

Men who are protective, strong, leaders, authorities (sans being a jackass), with tenderness, well, those melt MY heart.

How about you?

What are some of the traits in men that curl your toes?

Well, yes, there ARE those fabulous things we call SHOULDERS! Oooooo!

All the best,

April Braswell

April Braswell

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Freud was Right

April 3, 2008

All girls are so strongly influenced by their fathers. In my case, I married a dear sweet version of my brother. And today my father, John Y. Barry, died. I’ll comment on it more later. This weekend I am introspective. He is why I love to receive Pink Roses. For my 16th birthday, he sent me a dozen pink roses to me at school. I received them in the administrative offices. I felt like A PRINCESS. To this day, when men give me beautiful roses, I feel like A PRINCESS! Don’t you? Shouldn’t every woman? God bless and God speed. April Braswell

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